Buying seeds and the cold frame

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Just a quickie. It’s been so long since I’ve written a post for this veggie blog, but I wanted to steer you over to a post I wrote on buying seeds for Red Dirt Ramblings. Not much veggie growing going on here except in the cold frame. I do have some mustard, kale, lettuce and spinach growing in there. The mustard is ready to harvest. As you can see, I have to water my cold frame during the winter because it’s so dry in Oklahoma. That can be tricky so I use the hose we installed in the greenhouse. It just stretches to cold frame outside. Before that, I would hook up the hose with the quick connect, water, take everything apart and drain it.

It’s a pain in the rear, but in a climate where we can go from 50F to 2F if an afternoon, it’s necessary. Trust me, a frozen faucet is bad news.

Watering plants in the cold frame.

Watering plants in the cold frame.

Have a beautiful day, and if you’re interested in seeds and seed catalogs, head on over to RDR.


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