Dear Friend and Gardener: a virtual garden club for those of us who grow our own

Grab the badge and join us in our virtual garden club

Grab the badge and join us in our garden adventures.

Carol Michel, Mary Ann Newcomer and I are starting a virtual garden club for everyone growing their own food, flowers or herbs this summer. It’s a fun club. There are no rules except if you grab the badge, please link it back to this page. Here, I will list everyone joining us for our summer adventure of growing our food, flowers and herbs. You are welcome to post once a month if you want. We’d love to see what you’re growing.

Thanks for joining in.

Carol Michel is a lifelong gardener and resident of Indiana. She has a degree in Horticulture from Purdue University and has written for Horticulture and Indiana Gardening magazines and The Southside Times newspaper published in Indianapolis. She is an avid reader and collector of old gardening books and claims to have the largest hoe collection in the world. She regularly writes about her old books, hoes, and many other topics on her garden blog, May Dreams Gardens, home of Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, and has a regular monthly column, Musings from May Dreams Gardens, on Women’s Voices Magazine.

Mary Ann Newcomer is a self proclaimed  “garden scribe, scout and speaker.” She blogs at Gardens of the Wild, Wild West. Known as the Dirt Diva on the River Radio, 94.9 in Boise, ID, she’s written for MaryJane’s Farm, Fine Gardening, American Gardener and Leaf. She is author of The Timber Press Guide to Vegetable Gardening in the Mountain States. (Timber Press 2014)

Dee Nash is the author of The 20-30 Something Garden Guide: A No-Fuss, Down and Dirty, Gardening 101 for Anyone Who Wants to Grow Stuff (St. Lynn’s Press 2014). I blog here and at Red Dirt Ramblings. She is also an award-winning professional writer, speaker and garden coach, born and raised in Oklahoma. She lives in a log cabin on an acreage between the Great American Prairie and the beginning of the deciduous forest. She gardens approximately an acre and grows vegetables, fruit, roses and other favorite perennials, grasses, trees and shrubs. Dee is a frequent contributor of writing and photography to Oklahoma Gardener magazine. She’s also written for Organic GardeningFine Gardening, and flower magazine. She also writes online for Fiskars Corporation and HGTVGardens.

Here’s a list of Dear Friend and Gardener participants. Please go visit their blogs and see what everyone is growing this summer.

April from Artistic Gardener

Andie from Andie’s Way

Annie Earley

Annie Haven at Authentic Haven Brand Tea’s blog

Brenda at The Blonde Gardener

Daricia at A Charlotte Garden

Kathy from Cold Climate Gardening

Pat from Commonweeder

Teri at Cottage in the Court

Lynn from The Dirt Diaries

Shelley from The Edgy Gardener’s Blog

Eleni from Fields of Basil

Sandra at Flora’s Forum

Letitia from Garden Anywhere Box

Victoria from Garden Cook Travel

Jessica at Garden. Plant. Grow. Eat.

Daniela from Gardeners with Kids

Sue from Gardening in a Car Park

Donna from Garden’s Eye View

Leslie from Growing a Garden in Davis

Gwendolen at Gwendolen’s Garden 

Blythe from Hilltop Garden

Maggie at Homegrown: Adventures in My Garden


Jenny at J. Peterson Garden Design

Jennie Brooks

Jennifer from Jen & the Bean Stalk

Jan from Mermaids and Cashmere

Missing Henry Mitchell

Maria at Morgan Creek Chronicles

Tina at My Gardener Says

Pam at Pam’s English Garden

Peg at Pegplant

Dawn at Petals. Paper. Simple Thymes

Jean at Petal Talk

Elizabeth at Pieceful Life

Beth at Plant Postings

Alana at Ramblin’ with AM

Laurin at Ravenscourt Gardens

Tiffany at Songbird Gardens

Jackie from Southern Post Journal

Susan from Tastes Like Chicken

Sharon at Things I love Too–Marmee

Kathy from The Violet Fern




I'm a writer, born and raised in Oklahoma, and an obsessive gardener who grows shrubs, perennials and vegetables on my acreage each year. My favorite veggies have to be homegrown hybrid or heirloom tomatoes, Genovese basil and hot and mild peppers. It's an Italian salsa garden at my house.

128 thoughts on “Dear Friend and Gardener: a virtual garden club for those of us who grow our own

  1. Great idea…I am in! Just have to wait for my husband (wonderful tech support guy) to do the grabbing and linking to my blog : ) I posted it on pinterest in my board called “grow your own” : )

        • What would we do without dear husbands? I would love it if you posted about the club and linked to the website. The more members, the merrier. I’m thinking about doing a Mr. Linky thing myself when we post our letters to get more people involved. Thanks Laurin!

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  3. Set to go! Sounds like fun! I’m trying some new things this year with the hope of figuring out how to grow food in the shade (or fewer than 4 hours of sun). Ground cherries and Mexican sour gherkins have sprouted so far. Oh and Malabar spinach. Always love my herbs and flowers…yay for warm weather!

  4. I’ve copied the link to my facebook page. Is that considered “grabbing” for me? Subscribing please.

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    • Hi Kathy, glad you could join us. It won’t be too long now. I’ve still not planted much outside yet. Too chilly.~~Dee

    • Hi Kathy! You’re in the club. Thanks for joining us. I love, love, love the name of your blog. What a beautiful thought–a violet fern.

  6. I would need help in how to add the badge to my blog. I’m in. Although during the winter, I write mainly about taking care of your yourself and your home, I share my gardening adventures during the season. It is nice to begin to find some gardening bloggers as searching for them can be hard sometimes.

    • Hi Marilyn, you’re on blogger so here’s a link to how you add a badge to your blog. You won’t need to add javascript because this badge is simple a link to this page. So you grab the link and upload the photo. If you need more help, please let me know. Also, let me know when you’ve added it to your sidebar. Thanks!!~~Dee

    • Hi Alana, welcome to the club! You’re in. Just post once a month about your veggie garden. Can’t wait to read what you post. ~~Dee

        • Blythe, you post to your site, and let me know you’ve posted. I’m thinking about doing a Mr. Linky thing for you all to have your links on here. I’ll do a letter to Dear Friend and Gardener this week. 🙂

          • Thanks. How do I let you know? Sorry, still trying to figure all this out. My garden is looking great and look forward to sharing and seeing what others are doing. This is good for us over 30 also. (wink)but I don’t know how.

          • Hi Blythe, Just come back here and tell me in a comment. I’ll get you on the club’s roster then. Thanks! Dee

  7. Would love to be in the club! We have already planted a lot and look forward to a good veggie season. Just have to figure out how to grab the badge. Anxious to read all your posts!

  8. Excited to join the club, please count me in! Love my garden and seeing how others are making it happen too. I’m in Zone 5 and trying to maximize our sweet short season. Happy to have found you!

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  12. Great idea! Actually I want to follow this club, but I live on tropical area with all year round growing on my little garden. Maybe nothing special with my garden, I’m just an amateur gardener. Hope I csn joint this club.

    • Hi Endah, of course you can join the club. If you have a blog, just grab the badge and put it on your sidebar. If not, then just let me know, and I’ll still add your name to the list. Thanks so much for writing.

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    • Hi Victoria! I’ve added you to the club. I love meeting new gardeners, and you’re gluten free too. That’s wonderful.

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  22. I have flowers at home, along with herbs…but I play with vegetable gardening at the local community garden nearby. I have finished my first year as a Master Gardener student and enjoy volunteering at the local extension. I am a maker of quilts and such…a virtual garden club sounds great! I will add the badge to my blog.

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  26. Hi Dee! I’m a little late to the garden party but I did grab the badge and placed a link back. Fortunately, I just wrote a post on harvesting apples (from the espalier) and tomatoes so I guess although I’m late, I’m in the groove!

    • Ooh wonderful. I want an espaliered apple tree. I have three other trees, but they are regular apple trees. I’ll join you to the club.~~Dee

  27. I’m a little late to the gardening club. I am a limited veggie gardener, but love to look (and drool) and what other gardeners can produce. So, from time-to-time, I’ll update my veggie successes…or not. Thanks for hosting!

  28. Just an update! I love growing my own food and incorporate food producing plants in every design I do as much as I can. I hope to get more people interested in growing food and have a Pinterest board where I collect ideas about growing your own! Every couple of weeks I blog about a food I have found very easy to grow, like Chili Pequin a native chile to the southern US and Mexico. I love reading about all the things you all have added to the pot…this is a movement and a good one!

    • Yay! I’m so excited for you Laurin. That’s wonderful that you incorporate food items into your designs. I’d like to try that pepper.~~Dee

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  30. Although the growing season is almost over, Dee, I would love to join your virtual garden club. I’ll put the badge on my blog and will post about my last harvest. Then I’ll be all set to participate next year. P. x

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  32. What a wonderful blog ! I added the badge with the link. So great to see all the other blogs. Can you add me to the list ?
    Have a nice day, Els .

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