Growing Glass Gem Corn

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My favorite ear of 'Glass Gem' corn is purple and gold. I just can't get over how beautiful it all is.

My favorite ear of ‘Glass Gem’ corn is purple and gold. I just can’t get over how beautiful it all is.

‘Glass Gem’ is one unique corn, and I’m so glad I grew it this year. Carol from May Dreams Gardens gave me some kernels last spring from the ‘Glass Gem’ corn she grew in her garden in Indiana. Before this summer, I always grew sweet corn, but never flint corn that can be made into cornmeal, or popped as popcorn. ‘Glass Gem’ is a heritage variety that originated in Oklahoma and is easy to grow. It is an open-pollinated seed selected over many years from various heirloom corns. It is not a hybrid. It is not sweet corn. It is the most beautiful plant I’ve ever grown.

Several different ears of 'Glass Gem' corn.

Several different ears of ‘Glass Gem’ corn.

In spite of torrential rain and a cooler-than-usual spring in my garden, my ‘Glass Gem’ corn sprouted and grew. Because it comes from heirloom varieties and is open-pollinated, don’t expect the ears to be uniform in color, size and shape. This is part of their charm. I ended with all different colors and ears in all sizes. The pollination was better on some ears than others, but all of it is beautiful. I will grow it again next spring because I am dazzled. Shucking this corn was like opening presents on Christmas morning with each ear a special and beautiful surprise.

All the variations of 'Glass Gem' corn I grew in my garden this year. Dee Nash 20-30 Something Garden Guide.

All the variations of ‘Glass Gem’ corn I grew in my garden this year.

‘Glass Gem’ corn is so popular it has its own Facebook page where people post photos of their corn. Not too many vegetables have their own page. Gardeners are taking this corn and then selecting their favorite kernels to refine it further to suit their needs. Some want more compact plants while others want certain color ranges. I just love their creativity. This is gardening’s great legacy, the ability to control one’s food supply, at least in part.

'Glass Gem' corn

‘Glass Gem’ corn

I’m drying the ears I grew, and our family will pop some of the kernels as popcorn. I’ll also save some for next spring. If you want to buy some kernels for yourself, try Native Seeds Search. Here is more information about the history of this amazing corn. Oh yes, I’ll grow this again and again because it was so much fun. Grow some with your kids next summer, and introduce them to the wild variety and pleasure that only gardening can bring.